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To promote wellness and independence for an active home lifestyle.


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Medicare/Medicaid Certified and ACHC Accredited

Contact Information

1121 E Sumner Street, Ste. B
Hartford, WI 53027

Phone: 262-673-6600


Serving The Areas of

Washington, Dodge, Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine and Kenosha

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About Us

Bridges Home Healthcare Is a leading home health care provider with our office located in Hartford, Wisconsin. Our commitment lies on securing you with a comfortable, active, and well-guided placement at home so you can relish in doing the things you love while significantly reducing the risk of harboring daily threats to your independence.

We are a privately-owned and independently-operated home health agency established by Deborah Peters and Elizabeth Nealey after determining the need for family friendly home healthcare in the area. We expanded our service area to include Racine and Kenosha counties in 2013 because the need in the area was brought to our attention. At that time Paul Lessila joined our team as a third partner bringing with him insurance and therapy expertise. Our Agency has grown consistently since our birth in 2010. Deborah has 20+ years owning and administering home health agencies, is a RN, BSN and has her MBA in business. Elizabeth has 20+ years in the insurance industry and is a Certified Nursing Assistant. Together we have the right mix to cover all areas of business as well as patient care needs.

The mission of Bridges Home Healthcare is to:

  • Promote wellness and independence
  • Optimize Functional abilities
  • Improve positive health behavior and health education
  • Support psychosocial needs and Spiritual beliefs
  • Ennoble patients, caregivers, employees and stakeholders

Bridges Home Healthcare shall strive to meet these goals thru:

  • Provision of excellent healthcare services in the home healthcare setting
  • Promotion of diversity and non-discrimination principles
  • Respect for employees, patients, and other stakeholders rights and dignity
  • Monitoring satisfaction of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and payers
  • Fiscal responsibility and ethical practices in providing necessary services

We always take one step ahead of what our clients need to ensure that every demand is not only met but delivered with the best possible outcome. We do not limit ourselves to what our jobs demand of us, but of what your deserve to get.

To perpetuate the Bridges credibility, we equally take good care of our staff. We believe that happy people bud positive energy and with this, we maintain a family of enthusiastic, cheerful, and highly competent caregivers, nurses, and therapists who are always willing to serve you anytime you need us. They have been carefully chosen and selected among the most qualified care agents in the industry. We always take pride in their personal abilities to carry out change and touch the lives of the people they care about. Yours could be their next agenda soon.


  • Personal privacy and security during home care visits and to have your property treated with respect. Our visiting staff will wear proper identification so you can identify them.
  • Confidentiality of written, verbal and electronic information including your medical records, information about your health , social and financial circumstances or about what takes place in your home.
  • Refuse filming or recording or revoke consent for filming or recording of care, treatment and services for purposes other then identification, diagnosis or treatment.
  • Access, request changes to and receive an accounting of disclosures regarding your own protected health information as permitted by law.
  • Request us to release information written about you only as required by law or with your written authorization and to be advised of our policies and procedures regarding accessing and /or disclosure of clinical records. Our Notice of Privacy Practices describes your rights in detail.

Learn more about the Bridges Home Healthcare difference. Our friendly and approachable staff are always willing to provide you with clear answers to your concerns and questions. Set an appointment today or give us a call to get started.

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